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The Mexican National Catholic Church Archdiocese

The MNCC Archdiocese was founded in 1649 by Rome as three separate dioceses within Mexico. These dioceses formed the archdiocese in 1790. During the Mexican Revolution, the Catholic church was split into two factions. Half were on the Federal side, which lost the conflict, and all of their clergy and bishops were expelled from Mexico. This Archdiocese was on the winning side and was named the National Catholic Church of Mexico by President Plutarco Calles in 1928.

The Mexican National Catholic Church - a member of the Worldwide Communion of Catholic Apostolic Churches

The MNCC formed a friendship with Roman Catholic bishop Carlos Duarte Costa of Brazil who had separated from Rome due to Pope Pius XIII signing a concordat with Adolf Hitler in 1943. Intercommunion was signed between the two Catholic Archdioceses. We have worked together for many years in many areas of the Americas. The MNCC is a founding member of the Worldwide Communion of Catholic and Apostolic Churches that was founded by the successor of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa, Bishop Luis Mendez Castillo. There are two Communions founded by Bishop Luis Mendez Castillo. Our Communion is very Catholic and holds fast to the True teaching of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic churches and believes in the fullness of God's authority as spoken through his Holy and infallible Word that came to us from the Apostles of Jesus Christ. We literally can trace our church all the way back to Jesus Christ and His Apostles through our unbroken Apostolic lines of succession.

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You are so welcome to worship with us, to learn more about our Lord Jeus Christ, to come closer to our God, to share in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, and to live within the full blessings of our Lord and Savior.  

You are so welcome to share with us. And equally Catholic theology resources will go here...short and introductory with a link to more resources/ welcome to share yourself with us. We believe in the spiritual communion of believers.  We believe in the healing of our bodies, heart, mind and souls rests within the power of God...and God heals today!

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The order of St. Benedict is building a new abbey in Fort Worth. This new abbey will have many great things to offer including a seminary program that will offer an associate’s degree program, a bachelor’s degree program, a master’s degree program and two doctoral programs. The abbey church will be open to the public and offer services and sacraments to the public. There is an abbey oblate program that will allow laymen to live the rule of St. Benedict and keep their regular jobs. Our goal is to teach as many as possible how to get close the Lord in the ancient Benedictine way. The abbey is a member of the Worldwide Benedictine Confederation of San Anselmo Abbey in Rome. We need your help to make this dream come true.

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