Comunion de Iglesias Catolicas Apotolicas Mundiales - Worldwide Communion of Catholic and Apostolic Churches

Our Communion was founded by Patriarch Luis Mendez Castillo to provide a working relationship between churches in the Roman Catholic lines of succession of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa Who was the Roman Catholic Bishop from Brazil who founded many churches all over the world.
Patriarch Mendez is the successor of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa. He founded this communion on August 18, 2008 at a meeting of worldwide bishops.

MNCC Bishops at ICAB Meeting - 2008

MNCC Bishops at  ICAB meeting in 2008.

Our Communion is open to all Bishops and Clergy who hold the true Catholic and Orthodox Faith which was founded by Jesus Christ our Lord and brought to us through his Apostles. 

We believe in the absolute necessity of unbroken lines of succession from the apostles of Jesus Christ our Lord.
We accept the first seven ecumenical councils of the undivided church.
We believe in the Nicene, Apostles and Athanasian creeds of the undivided church.
We do not accept any ordination of women into the Holy Orders of Sub Deacon, Deacon, Priest and Bishop.
We do not allow any homosexual clergy in any communion churches.
We hold the Truths taught by the early church which taught all to Get Free, Stay Free and help others to be FREE.
We believe in the necessity of all to come to deliverance so they can live the fullness of God’s Holy Catholic Church.
We believe in the constant study of God’s Holy and Infallible Word that came to us from the Apostles of Jesus Christ!

We keep all communion records for members free of charge in the Archdiocesan Archives in Guanajuato, Mexico and Fort Worth, Texas.
The Communion has an Educational network to promote Christian Education and High Education: Oxford Educational Network.
We have a goal to build Bible Colleges and Seminaries all over the world where students can obtain their Undergraduate degrees free of charge. People seeking Holy orders and in active ministry may study on the graduate level free of charge.
The Communion has the Old Roman catholic School District which has Parochial schools and Tech schools all over the world.

Member Churches: 2009

The Mexican National Catholic Church 
Founded 1790 by the Roman Catholic Church
    Archbishop John Parnell, Ph.D., Primate
    Archbishop Itycheria Abraham
    Archbishop Pierre Pascal, France
    Archbishop James Baladad 
    Bishop Jeffrey Wood, Chancellor
    Bishop Randy Heddings
    Bishop Michael Pease
    Bishop Juan Garcia
    Bishop Warren Thomas Wells
    Bishop Michael Scotto-Daniello

Christ the King Covenant Catholic Church
    Bishop Dr. Don Connell,  Pastor
    Weatherford, Texas

Christ the King Covenant Catholic Church
    Father Kurt Wildermuth, Pastor
    Mineral Wells, Texas
San Judas Tadeo Catholic Church, MNCC
    Under Construction
    Edinburg, Texas

Western Diocese of the MNCC
    Archbishop James Baladad

The Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarchate of Moscow
    Archbishop Vladinko Antonio
    Archbishop Nasser Heydarian

The Charismatic Catholic Communion of the Americas
    Bishop Steven Colon

The Celtic Catholic Church
    Bishop Thomas O’Neil

Ireland Colombian Old Catholic Church
    Archbishop Gonzalo Jaramillo Hoyos

The Anglican Catholic Archdiocese of the Americas
    Bishop Michael Pease

The Old Roman Catholic Church of the Americas
    Bishop Jeffrey Wood

The Catholic Apostolic National Church
    Archbishop Gubala
    Bishop Andre Queen

Slovakian Old Catholic Church
    Archbishop Augustín Bačinský 

St. Alcuin House Theological Seminary
    Bishop Peter Riola

Opus Apostolorum
     Bishop Michael Scotto-Daniello

North American Catholic Apostolic Church
    A New Ecumenical Ministry (ANEM) for Applied Theology

Sister Churches:

Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasileira, Brasil

Opus Apostolorum, Religious Order, worldwide

Iglesia de la Exaltacion de la Cruz, Argentina

The Holy Synod of St. Athanasius Congregration for the Christian Orthodox of Egypt and the Middle East
    The Holy Synod of St. Athanasius Congregration

Iglesia Catolica Apostolica Mexicana, Mexico

Eglise Catholique Apostolique de France

Iglesia Catolica Apostolica de Argentina

Iglesia Catolica Apostolica de Colombia

Job’s Place Ministries
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