Deed of communion

Be it known that we do declare by these our letters canonical: 

THAT WE: Each being the senior jurisdictional Bishop Ordinary, and leaders of our own Catholic jurisdictions; recognizing and confirming our valid Apostolic Succession and authority within the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of our Lord Jesus Christ - do agree and unite ourselves and our jurisdictions within the following articles of apostolic understanding as the firm and loving basis for recognizing and declaring that our jurisdictions of the Church find ourselves to be in peace, in harmony, and in unity of the Faith, in the understanding of the undivided Church. And therefore declare and establish, as witnessed by our signature that we in a state of Communion and Apostolic Fellowship.

It is our very Eucharistic understanding, our ecclesiology, if you would, which implies and confirms for, and to, us all a very basic threefold unity.

Eucharistic unity, that is, unity in the One Loaf and the One Cup of Holy Communion where we are all drawn up together into the ONE body of our Lord, Saviour and God Jesus Christ - within His Body and His Blood. For we witness and believe that the Holy Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, as confirmed and taught by the Fourth Lateran Council in the year 1215. The distinction and marvel of the Holy Eucharist being precisely that it is actual and substantial; thus an extension of the Incarnation.

Unity in the Faith grounded in The Holy Scriptures,
the historic and traditional seven sacraments of the Church and
the spiritual understandings of the First Seven Ecumenical Councils,
Unity in the Leadership as centred around each local bishop and the bishops joining together in unity of faith,  and,
Unity in the Eucharistic belief and celebration, and forming thereby collegial synodical unity.

These three things together form a "Core Understanding and Foundation of Unity,“ in our humble estimation, for the future of the Church toward which we must all strive with the fullness of our abilities and efforts to restore to “Unity in Communion” our sister jurisdictions and churches of the Ancient, Undivided, One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 

We leave to each individual jurisdiction and Church within this Communion, the loving freedom and diversity of implementing their own ministry and outreach, realizing the unique administrative and local necessities, customs, local canons and traditions that may, and do, vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction - as may be unique to the needs of their own flocks and clergy under their own jurisdictional authority; knowing that the gift of diversity in our abilities to minister to the needs of individual groups of the faithful in many and varying locations must, and should, be maintained by the local Jurisdictional Ordinary of each of the member Jurisdictions and Churches comprising our “Communion.” 

We further declare that :

Said power and authority is exercised rightly within each participating jurisdiction, and all agree to make no claim over any other jurisdiction within this Communion. Neither does any signatory claim or have any right of interference in the internal affairs of another jurisdiction belonging to this Communion. Only an infraction of the agreement herewith signed and sealed will be considered a breach of this Communion.

We each and severally hold absolutely, and preach without variation, the faith of the One Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Christian Church of our Lord, Saviour and God Jesus Christ as defined by the spirit of the first Seven Ecumenical Councils and expressed within the historic and unchanging Catholic Creeds. We each and severally acknowledge the absolute validity of all 7 traditional Sacraments as celebrated within our jurisdictions.

Unity which is founded in the faithful trust, love and freedom of our Lord Jesus Christ does not require from any of the members of this Communion the acceptance of all doctrinal options, sacramental devotions, or liturgical practices characteristic of the other, but implies that each believes the other to hold all the essentials of the One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Christian of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


We commit ourselves to the continuing growth and the extension of this unity through brotherly love, respect and agreement upon the core foundations of this Deed of Communion. We remove all barriers and divisions between ourselves, while at the same time respecting absolutely the aforesaid jurisdictional integrity and Episcopal authority of each member jurisdiction. We also agree that the clergy will seek official permission of the Bishop before asking to celebrate any of the Sacraments or function in any clerical capacity in any of the others Chapels, Missions or Churches and that normal Letters of Incardination and Excardination will be utilized for clerical transfers of any kind between member jurisdictions.

We proclaim ourselves, our clergy and all our faithful people to be free to participate and share in the sacramental life of each and every member jurisdiction represented by its Bishop’s signature below. 

Given and confirmed under our hands and seals, and with much prayer for the eventual further Unity that comes from, and through, recognition and joining together in free and full “Communion,” while at the same time retaining full and complete respect for the jurisdictional integrity of its members - confirmed and witnessed through the mutually held Faith as defined above, as its foundation for all who may eventually come to embrace this “Communion,” with us - as full and participating brothers and sister jurisdictions in our Lord, Saviour and God Jesus Christ and his Church.

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