Why we are different

Priests may marry and have families.
Individuals may divorce and remarry, being reconciled to the Church through the grace of God and are not excluded from the Sacraments.
Artificial contraception is an issue of conscience between the husband, wife and God.
No Christian is excluded from the sacramental ministry.
All baptized Christians are invited to participate in the worship and sacraments of the Church.
We recognize the Declaration of Utrecht, a translation of the Profession of Faith, formulated by Old Catholic Bishops assembled September 24, 1889.
Priests who have left other Catholic Churches because they fell in love and married may join the Mexican National Catholic Church if they are otherwise fit to Serve and the Archbishop approves their service.
Priests are given the option to use any liturgy that has had prior approval from the Archbishop.
The Bible is clear on the issue of homosexuality as is tradition and teaching of the church fathers.
A homosexual is barred from seminary and all ministry by canon law in our jurisdiction.

Mexican National Catholic Church has a "Zero Tolerance Policy" to the following:
    Child Molesters will be turned over to local authorities for Criminal Prosecution and Excommunicated immediately upon conviction.
    Substance abusers (Priests, Nuns, and/or Brothers)  will be removed from Service pending their demonstrated and total rehabilitation.
    Sexual Harassment, Embezzlement, Criminal Activity, Verbal or Physical Abuse by Priests, Nuns or Brothers.

The MNCC will only ordain Priests after all requirements are met:
    Priests of the Diocese must have a BA, MA and Doctoral Degree prior to Ordination.
    Priests must submit fingerprints for a Criminal Background Check, Credit Check, and investigation of their Character.
    All Candidates for Priesthood must complete two years in a Mentorship Program prior to Ordination.
    The Mentorship Program may be done concurrently with Doctoral Studies.

Large Congregations may wish to build and to maintain multi-purpose buildings that will serve to:
    House the temporarily homeless;
    Act as schools during the day and in the evening;
    Serve as food banks to feed the hungry;
    Act as free clinics for immunizations and for general medical care; and,
    Serve as centres for seniors, child care or occupational training.

Our Churches are decorated with style and taste while avoiding the use of Gold, Precious Stones and similar items that wring resources from the community that could be better used to help those in need.

The MNCC will accept donations from institutions, companies, governments, individuals of extreme and extraordinary wealth and from estates.

Members of the MNCC are encouraged to live with joy, gratitude and to pray by saying, "Thank You" instead of "Give Me".

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